Species = Mighty Mugg

Staus = Fine

Likes = Facts

Dislikes = Wolverines Arrogance

Vision is one of Lukes first Muggs. Him, Captain America and Wolverine all joined Luke together, in the very first episode. Wolverine quickly became annoyed at Vision, due to him saying, "According to Facts" everytime he is about to say something. Although Wolverine annoys Vision too, for the obvious reasons of Wolverines arrogance. Vision is also sometimes shown to have a competetive streak in him as shown in the Episode Scavenger Hunt: Part 1.


  • As much as Vision and Wolverine argue, you can still tell that they have a connection.
  • Vision is never seen without his cape.
  • Vision will say "According to Facts" before almost every sentence he says, even if it dosn't make sense.

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